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Designed for effective removal of thin, light hair, characterized by great adhesion, applied in thin

Direction for use:

1.      Preheat the wax in the heater to 39-40 °C degrees.

2.      Treat the depilation area with a pre wax lotion.

3.      Keeping the cartridge inside of the wax heater, roll the preheated cartridge with wax along the depilation strip. Make sure that the wax is warm enough.

4.      Apply the wax onto the treated area in the direction of the hair growth.

5.      Apply the strip with tightly press while keeping the end of the strip in a wax-free area.

6.      While holding the free end of the strip, remove the strip with a fast movement in the direction opposite to the hair growth and parallel to the skin.

7.      Repeat the procedure on the next area. Do not apply wax on the same area more than twice.

8.      On completion of the procedure, continue with after wax cooling gel. 

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