Magicboo Cellulite Vanishing set

Product Code : OTH0000120
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Weight : 2.0000KG

This Set Contains:

1 x Ceuderm CD-30 Rose Jade Roller for Body BTY0005233 Worth RM250

1 x Green Pharmacy Massage Oil Anti-Cellulite 200ml BTY0001866 Worth RM 29.90 FOC

1 x Travel Simple Net Eye Nylon Portable Bag OTH0000125 Worth RM39.90 FOC

1) Green Pharmacy Massage Oil Anti-Cellulite 200ml

Product Description:

A massage oil leaves your skin smooth, supple with a pleasant herbal aroma which is contains almond oil, which is one of the most valuable vegetable oils. It is obtained by pressing the seeds of almond. The oil contains vitamin A, E, F and many valuable minerals. Almond oil helps the active substances to penetrate the skin. Your skin will be smoothed, silky soft and firmed after using massage oil.


- Minimize the apperance of cellulite by massaging affected areas

- Improving microcirculation, preventing stagnation of lymphatic fluid and to help speed up metabolism

- Smooth and supple skin

- Promotes skin elasticity


Almond oil - helps penetrate the active substances into the skin, softens the skin

Cypress Oil: Stimulate circulation by increasing blood flow, making it a great choice for cellulite 

Juniper Oil: Helps tone muscles and skin, helping to improve the appearance

Lavender oil: Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties

Lime Oil: Supports easy absorption of nutrients, giving your skin a clean look and feel

How to Use:

- Apply a few drops of oil to the palm of your hand, warm it by rubbing, and massage it into the skin of your body in circular motions.

2) Ceuderm CD-30 Rose Jade Roller for Body

Product Description:

This oversized pick features four, rose-quartz balls that making it an absolute must when it comes to the ultimate self-care day. Ideal for flushing out excess fluid and leaving skin looking healthy and radiant, it's also great at release muscle tension.


- Soothing release muscle tension

- Improving blood circulation

- Sculpting, toning and firming skin

- Provide deeper penetration into your skin for the best massaging experience

How to Use:

- Store in the fridge for an added cooling effect

- Apply a moisturizer or serum, and start at the ankle. Begin gently stroking up the leg towards the upper thigh, repeat on other leg. Move to the upper body starting at the wrists and sweeping the tool upwards toward the shoulders. For areas with muscle tension use a combination of long and short strokes on the affected areas, gently moving the roller in a back and forth motion.

Cleaning and Care:

Rinse to clean and lay flat to dry. Replace as needed.Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Dimensions - Approx. 160mm x 110mm

RM 158.00 RM 319.80
* Inventory : 10
* Minimum Order : 1
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