Echosline Colored and Treated Hair Combo Set

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This Set Contains: -

1 x Echosline Color Care Shampoo 1000ml HRD0002496 Worth RM109.90

1 x Echosline Color Care Mask 1000ml HRD0002497 Worth RM119.90

1 x Echosline Color Care Sealing Spray 200ml HRD0002498 Worth RM129.90

1 x Wave Power Excell 2800 Pro Hair Dryer (Ionic) (V2) Three Month Warranty HRD0001840 Worth RM150

1 x 12-Ball Head Massager (Pink) HLC0000606 Worth RM29.90 FOC

1 x Magicboo Flamingo Goodies Bag OTH0000106 Worth RM59.90 FOC

1) Echosline Colour Care Shampoo for Colored and Treated Hair 1000ml

Product Description:

The balanced formulation of this fantastic Vegan shampoo, without SLS and SLES, brings shine and softness to the hair. The Green Walnut in synergy with the Sodium Gluconate helps to reduce the fading of the cosmetic color with an effective antioxidant action.


- Add shine to the hair

- Protects color from fading

- Soften the hair


Sodium Gluconate: Vegan and halal, as it is derived from plant-based sources and does not contain animal products.

Green Walnut: Strengthen hair follicles

How to use:

Apply the shampoo on wet hair. Massage gently, then rinse. Complete the treatment with the application of the mask.

2) Echosline Colour Care Mask for Coloured and Treated Hair 1000ml

Product Description:

Mask formulated to ensure the maintenance and protection of the cosmetic color. The blend between Sodium Gluconate and Green Walnut prevents the color from fading and protects to keep it bright and shiny.

After using this mask your hair will be shiny and soft!


- Maintain and protect the cosmetic color

- Protect color from fading

- Bright and shine the hair

- Make hair soft


- Sodium Gluconate: Stabilizes and protects cosmetic products from discoloration

- Green Walnut: Minimize inflammation in the scalp and improve blood circulation

How to use:

To towel-dried hair, apply the mask on length and tips. Leave on for 2-5 minutes, then rinse.

3) Echosline Colour Care Sealing Spray for Coloured and Treated Hair 200ml

Product Description:

The combined action of Sodium Gluconate and Green Walnut helps to maintain the cosmetic color for longer, protecting its shine. Its silicone-free formulation is enriched with a special anti-odor molecule that leaves the hair pleasantly scented.


- Maintains cosmetic color

- Protect shine

- Silicone free formulation

- Leaves the hair pleasantly scented


- Sodium Gluconate: Acts as pH regulator as well as humectant.

- Green Walnut: Help the circulation of the scalp and also strengthens the roots

How to use:

Shake before use.

- In the salon: after the coloring service, rinse and apply Colour Sealing Spray, leaving on for 2 minutes. Without rinsing, proceed with Colour Care Shampoo.

- At home: after using Colour Care shampoo and mask, proceed with the application of Colour Sealing Spray and finalize with styling.

4) Wave Power Excell 2800 Pro Hair Dryer (Ionic) (V2)

A hair dryer with Ionic technology is best suited for thicker, dry, and/or frizzy hair due to its ability to lock in moisture and leave behind a soft, smooth finish.

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